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Thu, Feb. 26th, 2009, 05:35 pm
Hot stingray action

Posting this up here cause it's soo not appropriate for my tech blog.

So Jay sends me a link to http://community.livejournal.com/wtf_nature/399189.html

I wasn't logged into LJ at the time, and when I clicked the link, it asked me to verify that I was over 14 because the post contained adult content. Knowing the sorts of links that get passed around work, I warily logged in and was surprised to just find a post about the largest stingray in the world.

I wondered (out loud) why this post was flagged adult, but then... I started reading out of context:

Quote from BWC in reply to my reading: "What is that, from Penthouse?"

Mon, Jan. 14th, 2008, 11:51 pm
Medieval Faire Info

The Medieval Faire is going to be the last weekend of Jan and the first weekend of Feb. Admission is $12/person/day, but I have a ton of $1 off coupons, so I guess it's really only $11. On Friday, Feb 1, admission is half-price, but I know Friday might be a tough day for some people. Either way, it's not that much.

Here's a bunch of info on it: http://www.gvlculturalaffairs.org/website/programs_events/HMF/medieval_index.html

Let me know when you guys want to come up and we'll figure out plans. My roommate is going to be in the Living Chessboard, so we have to make sure that we see it at least once. :)

Fri, Dec. 21st, 2007, 08:02 pm
Holiday plansish

I'll be down Deltona-ways for Christmas.

Driving down on Sunday the 23rd (maybe the 24th if I'm still really freaking sick on Sunday), driving back, I dunno, the 27th I think? Whenever my parents are leaving for vacation, its either the 26th or 27th.

So, comment, email, hit up my phone! I wants to see my friends!

Wed, Apr. 25th, 2007, 07:18 pm
Help out Grooveshark!

Hey everyone, I know I suck at keeping up with LJ these days, but I have a favor to ask. If you have like 5 minutes, can you go to http://digg.com/music/Grooveshark_-_screenshots_and_Q_A and click the Digg it button?

If you don't already have a digg account, it only takes a minute to signup, and they don't spam you with anything.

Digg is pretty cool, so who knows, you might find having an account there useful anyway :)

And if anyone wants to sign up for Grooveshark, put in an account request and let me know, and I'll make sure you get your account faster. You can also just mention in the "how did you hear about us" that you're a friend of one of the developers.

Sat, Jan. 20th, 2007, 03:46 am
Holy Crap

Holy shit, remember this?


Man, I love my new job.

Mon, Nov. 20th, 2006, 02:16 pm
The ExpeWiience of a Lifetime

Yesterday was the release date for the Nintendo Wii: the console that me and Daniel have been lusting after for over a year. I've never bought a console on launch day before. Heck, I didn't even get a PS1 until after the PS2 had already been released, and didn't get a PS2 until after the first price drop. If you've kept up with video game news at all (or heck, even the regular news), I'm sure you all know how crazy the launch of a new console can be. People camping outside of stores for days or even weeks, systems going for tens of thousands of dollars on eBay, people being trampled or even shot: in every way, the launch of a new video game console distills everything that is terrible about living in a capitalistic culture.

Yesterday, we got a Nintendo Wii. I only played with it for a couple hours before I completely passed out from exhaustion, and still haven't even seen Zelda or Red Steel (the two games we bought with it), only Wii Sports, but it is already the most fun I've had with a video game system in ages.

But as with any great endeavor, the journey was even more important than the destination. As you read my story, you may think what we went through to get a Wii ridiculous. "It's just a video game," you may say. Or, "If you just waited a couple weeks, you could easily walked into any store and picked one off the shelf." But I would not trade the experience (or expeWiience, hehe) I had this weekend for all the video games in the world.

My Wii story starts on Saturday, at 5 pm...Collapse )

It was a long and exhausting weekend. My lips and face are chapped from the cold, my body is stiff, I still haven't had enough sleep, and have had a horrible headache all day, and in the end we had to pay a little extra to get our Wii on launch day. But it's all worth it. Every second.

We made new friends in Dana and Jenna. We enjoyed a night of camaraderie with our fellow campers. We met a crazy rich hipster who sold us a Wii, got to see his beautiful home, and gave him a birthday card. We got to explore the beautiful city of St Petersburg, and enjoy the view of the bay from I-275 (twice). We got two games we never would have been able to get in Gainesville or from Gamefly, and got an second controller for half-price. We drank delicious fresh-squeezed orange juice. We enjoyed a gorgeous day out and about together.

We got a Wii, on launch day.

Sat, Oct. 28th, 2006, 03:58 pm
Raw Week 4

Not much to say. Week 3 was really hard cause of my cycle - I was craving all sorts of foods, and I think water retention made the scale lie. High quality dark chocolate is a great way to take care of a chocolate craving btw, it takes only a small amount to satisfy. Look for a dark chocolate that actually states the cocoa percentage on the label, that tends to be a mark of a high quality brand, so you get very rich chocolate flavor without bitterness, but also without a lot of added sugar.

Week 4 weight: 272 lbs

So that's a total loss of 8 lbs over 4 weeks. That's really good actually. 2 pounds a week is about as fast as you can go without it becoming unhealthy. Especially good since I cracked and ate a bunch of pizza Thursday night. Stupid commercials. Stupid triple-sausage, double-bell-pepper, and onion. I figured it was better to just go ahead and eat the pizza and get it over with, rather than be constantly thinking about that pizza and maybe wind up eating other crap to try and get rid of the craving. It was Papa Johns too, so it made me feel even more shitty the next day (for some unknown reason Papa Johns aggrivates my fibromyalgia). It tasted damn good, but I think I'm done with pizza for a while. Which was sorta the point of me getting it.

Ordered sushi again last night, which honestly, was even better than the pizza. I'm developing a serious sushi addiction. Especially since I've found a place that delivers good sushi for a pretty good price. They had a special last night, order at least $20 of sushi and get free mochi ice cream. Well, $20 of sushi is easy with 3 people, so I got some. I didn't know what it was, but the flavors (which it said you got one each of) were mango, green tea, and mocha espresso, so I figured I couldn't go wrong, lol. Apparently, mochi is sticky rice pounded into a sticky paste with sugar and flavorings. Mochi ice cream is a small (golf-ballish) scoop of ice cream coated in mochi, so you can pick it up and eat it with your fingers. It was delicious, especially the mango flavor. Not raw of course, but it was free! And I always like trying new things.

Tue, Oct. 24th, 2006, 01:12 pm
Poetic Spam

We got the coolest spam mail today in the support box. I'm pretty sure it's just random bits of things strung together to confuse bayesian filters, but somehow it almost makes sense. It's like a new form of poetic prose. So I thought I'd share. The title is the subject line of the mail:

Philanthropic Cocky

I find myself more and more at odds with it. When we live under a strict
code, we end up murdering each other in the name of God. Nothing like
snuggling by a fire with something to scare the hell out of you. As I
said, it is registered under the name, Corey Anderson.
Humanity continues to prove me correct. Case in point with this one.
So I enjoy the cool temperatures.
I drove down the dirt roads this morning and trees dropped bright orange
and yellow leaves onto the gravel.
No Peanut Festival in Fort Lauderdale. If you can only putt along in
First gear for a while, do it.
Everything resetting, recalibrating. I know, I know: the thought is far
worse than the event. I have to leave and get cash and come back.
The fair meant less, or so I thought.
The third installment was my favorite, but they all warranted a playing
or twelve. I also had a Columbian Boa for years named Zeus.
Easy to reach if you, for some weird reason, enjoy re-reading those
things over and again until your eyes bleed. I hope I can see it again
some day soon. I am in the evacuation shelter now, brickabrack and
various animals fly by the boarded windows. , a chronically depressed
person, tries a little of everything to make it.
Dude, you know I am to be spritzed liberally three times a day.
The Orkin man fargin killed my iguana, how do you like that? But I
suppose the last thing I should be doing is lamenting everything until I
become as depressed as ever. Tender the plastic once again and wait for
the return. Maybe some plants, a little waterfall, heck, maybe even a
I hand him my information, which he stares at for a moment. When we live
under a strict code, we end up murdering each other in the name of God.
I stepped in thinking Mom and Pop diner and ended up with a magnificent
meal. I am still, even in this age of pill-popping, nervous at the idea
of having chemicals altered. They are not easy to care for, and can be
hell to manage. I have changed my entire life. Oh, I was thankful for
him last night, no doubt.
The only time I can ever remember getting swiped at by him was when I
had my hand in between him and certain prey. I kissed a girl if not for
the first time, damn close to it at The Fair. That the only way to quell
my incessant need to worry, have anxiety and dive headlong into
crippling depression at nearly nothing is to numb me.

Wed, Oct. 18th, 2006, 08:04 pm
Random update

So it is at least partially PMS, I started like only an hour after that last post. I feel a lot better about my crazy cravings the last few days. And hooray for working girly bits, even if they are a bit reluctant. You know, I ovulated like a week after I started eating raw, after not having a period for 3 months. I think that says something.

And remember how I couldn't figure out what to do with the raw milk since I don't like to drink milk plain? Well I figured it out a few days ago. The strawberries at the store didn't look good and cost like $5/qt (not in season), so at some vague subconcious prompting I couldn't place, I bought peaches, even though I had no idea what they had to do with milk (for some reason, blending up a fantastic-smelling peach in the blender just to put it in a glass of milk seems sacreligous).

After I got home with the peaches I remembered a snack my mom used to make me all the time as a little girl. She'd slice a whole peach up into a bowl, sprinkle it with sugar, then pour milk over it. After you eat the peaches, the milk is sweet and just barely peach flavored as you drink it down. Go go subconcious!

Slight raw modification: raw honey drizzled over the peaches, and raw milk poured in the bowl. It's like a bowl of cereal only sweet and juicy. You know how people always call the "land of milk and honey" a paradise? Honey-sweetened milk is too good for words. I'm eating a bowl of this right now, and it completely kicks the pants off the stupid burrito I had for lunch.

I wanted to hang out at the farmers market this afternoon. I brought a sketchpad and I was gonna sit and listen to the music and people-watch and sketch. But it was raining off and on all day, and when I went to the market it was so HUMID that it nearly set off my asthma. It's been like breathing pudding out there today. So I had to just get some milk and veggies and come straight home to the A/C. Sucks, cause I really wanted to get OUT of the house today. Meh.

And thank you everyone for the hugs and wellwishes. I'll prolly respond to comments on last post better tomorrow, I'm gonna go to the bookstore now.

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